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Markus Miller aka A/Lone Wolf: Store

Compartments CD

Medicine Shop - CD

Medicine Shop, love songs with a twist. Take "Good Night I Love You" a love song with longing and regret. Then there is "Trouble On The Door Step" a funny Sunday Morning. Markus gets asked all the time if this is a true story. You listen, could it have happened to you? The Markus Music Sound is described as thought inspiring, mood altering, romantic, soothing, always with a heartbeat and fun to be with wherever it takes you.
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MasterTone Mobile Recording Services - Recording

 Live band, choir, show group location recording services!! Studio results in any venue.  Demo's for press kits, or full productions for sell or promotion!!


Alone Wolf - Live Music

Markus Miller/Alone Wolf       Live music available now for clubs, cafe, festivals, and all special events!!!