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Markus Miller aka A/Lone Wolf: News

New Studio - September 9, 2012

We have closed the Stonewall Street location and moved to the home studio location adding a mobile classroom to the mix. Located minutes from the previous spot, time and distance is equal to before.  The new retrofitted toy hauler makes an awesome and unique multifunctional space, real cool!! Phone 214-686-4277 for directions.

MasterTone Location Recording - January 25, 2010

Remember we also have a very active recording studio. We are geared up for live location recording and mobile your place projects as well as in studio services. Rates are very affordable and friendly. Call me and lets talk about your needs.  MasterTone Recording @ The Music Club 214-686-4277

New Year , Great Start - January 18, 2010

I always enjoy the new year season. The fresh start, new beginnings, renewed hope, old friends, new faces and a chance to do it all again. My passion for playing, performing and teaching makes it all worthwhile to me.   Thanks for making The Music Club Guitar Academy a part of your  new year too!

Guitar lessons Garland Tx - October 1, 2009

Guitar Academy - September 29, 2009

We are off and running! Everone just loves the new space, easy acess and it creates such a cool sound makes you want to play like never before. We offer three studio spaces for lessons, recording, and live stage.

Location Recording - February 10, 2009

Whew! I'm finally ready to launch my new mobile recording service Master Tone Mobile Recording!! Its been a long time coming and a lot of work, planning and fun.We are available for any type of location recording be it worship, concerts. choirs, bands, soloist or seminars. This is but another addition to the MusicanMan family of services.

T V Song - November 21, 2006

Back in June 2006 we taped a performance on Comcast channel 24 as part of a community arts project. To my surprise it has aired aprox. 50 times and has been very well received and enjoyed by many I would have never reached, thanks to those who made it possible.

What a year - November 21, 2006

Wow! Here it is late November and Thanksgiving is upon us, Thanks for making this year so grand. We had lots of fun making music and seeing all of you!! You the Fan made it possible for us to keep it going strong. As we look to the new year, we wish you and yours all the best and look forward to seeing and hearing from you again and again. Thank you so much, Markus Miller Music Man

New Locations - August 27, 2006

The Cd Compartments has been picked up on August 22nd by Hear Music Starbucks own music retailer. It can be picked up at their shops by late September. Also Itunes, Sony Connect, MP3tunes and many more have welcomed us on. Stay tuned for more. Markus

New CD Compartments - August 27, 2006

Wow!! Thank you, the new CD is doing so well, thanks to all of you. Thanks for letting me into your musical life. So many have written and spoken personally how the music has been so helpful in their day and night, traveling, comuting, relaxing, love and well being. Gracias!

Mosaic Festival July 1st - June 18, 2006

Just to remind you that I will be performing at the Garland Star Spangled Fourth 2006. Come see me on July 1st in Historic Downtown Garland at the Mosaic Multicultural Festival of Art and Dance. I will be playing at 6:00 PM.

Special Event July 1st - June 18, 2006

I've been invited to participate in the naturalizaton ceremony to be held at 10:30am Saturday July 1st at the Plaza Theater in downtown Garland, Tx and perform at the reception for our newest citizens and dignitaries. Thrilled to be a part of our freedoms at work! The reception will be outside and the public is urged to attend.

Dallas City Arts Festival - June 11, 2006

What a great time we had! Thanks to everyone who came out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was HOT in more ways then you could fry, but worth the sweat. I totaled the playing time and came up with 7 and 1/2 hours over three days. Loved every second! Lots of street dancing and free jams. Gary Bowmen, Mr. Saxman, joined in when he wasn't called to another stage, along with a few other guests, guitarist Joe Gomez and Joe Brown on keys. See ya next time!!

New Release - June 10, 2006

My new cd "Compartments" has just arrived! Everyone is excited as I am judging from sales so far. Its all instrumental Markus Music and can be enjoyed anywhere any time.

Live TV Taping - June 6, 2006

In conjunction with the Garland Star Spangled Fourth 2006, I was invited to perform on Comcast Cable TV Channel 14 Community television on June 6th. I performed an accoustic jazz and vocal version of the pop song "The Letter". Telecast dates to be announced. It looks like they may use poritons of the peformance for commercial purposes. Hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed doing it. I'm anxious to see it myself!

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