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Markus Miller aka A/Lone Wolf: Tunes

A Walk In The Forest

(Markus Miller)
Markus Miller
A Walk In The Forest

Walking through the forest
This summer’s eve
The breeze whispers calmly

Muted light peaks timidly through the leaves
The solitude of the trees
As a quiet peace
cascading upon me

A rippling creek
rich in melody
Soft sandy loam banks
The footprints of the morning past
Embedded lightly

The candor of deep forest perfumes
The sapping bark
The living, the breathing, unseen
Felt only in harmony
Came walk with me quietly

For distant the civilization
The rabble
That exists now in another realm, another dimension

For my ears fear not
As the beating of my heart embraces
The sweet tranquility
The oneness the whole
The beauty of this magnificent moment

Alone with God
And my own

Alone with God
And my own

Copyright 2005 by Markus Miller
All Rights Reserved